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The final aim of our research is to improve glaucoma care by contributing to the development of evidence-based, protocolised, and tailor-made testing strategies for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma: what test should be performed when in which person and what should be done with the test result. Projects comprise clinical studies, epidemiology, psychophysics, and optical coherence tomography. Physiological optics and retinal physiology play a central role. Many projects use data collected in the 'Groningen Longitudinal Glaucoma Study', a longitudinal observational study with almost 1000 participants, begun in 2000.

Current group members

Giorgia Demaria (PhD student; MSc psychology) / Tuomas Heikka (PhD student; MSc biophysics) / Nomdo Jansonius (group leader; biophysicist, ophthalmologist) / Catarina Joao (PhD student; MSc biomedical technology-instrumentation and medical signals) / Francisco Junoy Montolio (PhD student; ophthalmologist UMCG) / Anna Leonte (PhD student; MSc behavioural and cognitive neuroscience) / Valeria Lo Faro (PhD student; MSc biomedical science) / Allison Loiselle (PhD student; MSc space physiology and health) / Anna Neustaeter (PhD student; MSc quantitative genomics) / Konstantinos Pappelis (PhD student; MD) / Lorenzo Scanferla (PhD student; MSc integrative neuroscience) / Kim Westra (research coordinator; ophthalmic technician)

Former PhD students

Marcus Ang (ophthalmology) / Ronald Bierings (MD) / Kim van Gaalen (biology) / Govert Heeg (ophthalmology) / Tim de Jong (applied physics) / Michael Marcus (epidemiology) / Marrie van der Mooren (applied physics) / Rogier Muskens (ophthalmology) / Khay Nio (ophthalmology) / Kunliang Qiu (ophthalmology) / Remco Stoutenbeek (ophthalmology) / Christiaan Wesselink (ophthalmology)

Co-supervised former PhD students

Wishal Ramdas (EUR, ophthalmology) / Sarah Janssen (NIN, ophthalmology) / Aditya Hernowo (RuG, NIC) / Henriet Springelkamp (EUR, ophthalmology) / Doety Prins (RuG, NIC) / Sandra Hanekamp (RuG, NIC) / Nicolas Gravel (RuG, NIC)

Former master students

Nancy Aychoua (medicine) / Casper van Berkel (medicine) / Marije de Boer (medicine) / Marieke Janssens (medicine) / Marleen Kuiper (medicine) / Francisco Junoy Montolio (medicine) / Wilma Meems (medicine) / Annette van Norel (medicine) / Tom Overkempe (medicine) / Dirk Ponsioen (medicine) / Lucas Stam (physics) / Susanne Stayen (medicine) / Remco Stoutenbeek (medicine) / Christiaan Wesselink (medicine)

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