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Like ChiWriter, LaTeX is very suitable for the preparation of scientific manuscripts with mathematical equations. DOSLaTeX as offered here consists of an emTeX base (including LaTeX2e and BIBTeX) extended with a menu program, a DOS editor with LaTeX syntax support, DVIPS, AMSLATEX, REVTEX4, GRAPHICS, CITE, NATBIB, and some more extensions (stored in \texinput\misc).

Installation, often troublesome with (La)TeX, has been made as easy as possible: update autoexec.bat and config.sys, reboot, put all six files present in the downloaded archive (install.txt, install.bat, emtex.zip, addendum.zip, njtex.zip and zed.zip) into a single directory and run install.bat (be sure that pkunzip.exe is somewhere in a [sub]directory mentioned in the path in autoexec.bat). That's all. See install.txt for details. After another reboot you are ready to start DOSLaTeX:

Files can be printed by converting them to PostScript first (option 4) followed by using GhostScript. GhostScript can also be used to convert the PostScript file into PDF.

latest update: 19-9-2009

DOSLaTeX was tested with FreeDOS 1.0. Known bug: EPS figures included in a document appear to be invisible when viewed with XDVI (option 3). Figures can be viewed, however, by viewing the resulting PostScript file with PSVIEW.